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Whether you are a parent shopping for a Little League player or a High School player a summer-league wood bat, makes it easy to find the best baseball bats of 2020.

We review 2020’s best bats from top brands like Easton, DeMarini, a Louisville Slugger for quality, value, pop, and to find the most smashing picks. All leagues, including youth (USSSA) and high school bats (BBCOR), are covered.

Without further ado, let’s get into our top baseball bat picks!

Best Baseball Bats (2020)

Trending Baseball Bat Types
Youth vs. BBCOR Baseball Bat popularity

When you are searching for “best baseball bats 2020”, it is important to first clarify which type of bat you are looking for. Bat models and sizes vary by age group.

According to Google Trends, wood bats are the most searched for baseball bats of 2020 so far [June 2020].

BBCOR bats, Wood Bats most searched for, then youth baseball bats
Wood bats, followed by BBCOR bats, are the most popular baseball bats in 2020

You may be looking for one of these popular baseball bat types:

  • BBCOR (High School)
  • Youth

We will help you find the right model for your (or child’s) swing type and within your budget. Our yearly bat awards are a fantastic, simple-to-understand bat research guide.

BatSmash’s 2020 Baseball Bat Awards’s bat awards 2020 rates the top models by category.

We found the top-rated newly released models for youth and high school baseball. Top awards are given to bats with the highest amount of these factors: Affordability, value, quality, durability, bat “pop”, sweet spot size, and sound.

An Overall award is the #1 pick by Smash. It is often the hottest bat on the market, for good reason. They may have many positive reviews, an affordable price point, and attractive features.

A Category award rates a baseball bat within a particular category. For example, the best balanced BBCOR bat can help high school players narrow in on a balanced bat, while those that prefer a heavier bat-head through the zone can head to the best end-loaded bbcor bat section.

Use this quick guide to jump to any of our full ‘best bats of 2020’ reviews, including youth baseball bats, high school baseball bats, and more. We hope you enjoy:

  • Best Baseball Bat (2020 Overall)
  • Best Youth Bat (2020 Overall)
  • Best Wood Bat (2020 Overall)
  • Best BBCOR Bat (2020 Overall)
  • Best Balanced BBCOR Bat 2020
  • Best End-Loaded BBCOR Bat 2020

Note: Our complete award ceremony has not quite processed yet. It’s on it’s way – bookmark this page for your future 2020 bat buying search.

Continue reading for helpful bat-buying tips.

Baseball Bat FAQs

Buying a baseball bat and have these questions? You’re not alone. Here are answers to common bat questions.

Do I buy a wood bat or metal bat?

Unless the player’s league is specifically a “wood bat league”, buy a metal bat! More durability, power, and a larger sweet spot.

What’s better – composite or aluminum?

As to most things, there are pros and cons to everything. Composites need to be broken in, but the ‘pop’, or exit velocity off the bat, can be higher than its aluminum counterpart. Players also love the sound of composite bats. Aluminum bats can have solid performance and boast durability, but are not as powerful and do not feel as good when you square up a baseball.

What’s the difference between a ‘BBCOR’ bat and a ‘USSSA’ bat?

A BBCOR bat is the certified high school and college-level baseball bat standard, replacing BSER. A USSSA bat is for youth baseball. So, it just depends on who you’re buying a baseball bat for!

Who is the BEST bat brand?

It depends on who you ask, of course! Some batters live and die by Easton, two-piece composite bats. Others enjoy simple, balanced aluminum bats from Louisville Slugger. If you are new to owning a baseball bat, focus on qualities over the brand.

Choosing the Right Bat for You

Choosing a baseball bat to buy is challenging. Particularly in the age of COVID-19, physical distancing, and limited sports store visits – reading words like “two-piece” and “composite” and “lizard-skin grip” mean nothing!

How can you possibly find the best bat without feeling it in your hands? (Hint: has the answer:)

First, we do the grunt work. We test each bat. We scour through hundreds of online reviews and develop an aggregate rating. Then, we help you discover your unique hitting style and preferences – or your “hitter profile”. This helps you find the best bat for you, every season.

Our bat reviews aren’t just reviews – they are educational. Our top baseball bat reviews categorize top selections, such as:

  • Best end-loaded baseball bats
  • Best balanced baseball bats
  • Best bats for contact hitters
  • best bats for power hitters
  • best value
  • best overall
  • and many others! is dedicated to providing the most vivid, detailed best baseball bat reviews for 2020, 2021, and for future generations of youth baseball players.

Our Baseball Bat Reviews

BatSmash product analysts review the best baseball bats, every season. Our baseball and softball bat analysts dig deep into the most important characteristics of a baseball bat:

  • Composite vs. Aluminum materials
  • Barrel Size
  • Sound
  • Swing Weight
  • End-Loaded vs. Balanced
  • Unique Bat Features
  • Knob
  • Grip
  • Power Scores
  • Contact Scores
  • Durability Scores
  • New Technologies

We want to save you time, money, and find the highest-quality bat every baseball season. Our goal is accomplished when you find the bat that fits your unique swing, budget, and batter profile!

Hottest Bat Brands of 2020

Top Baseball Bat Brands by searches – Google Trends

Our reviews of top baseball bat brands, such as:

  • Easton,
  • DeMarini
  • Louisville Slugger
  • Marucci
  • Victus (new!)

Uncover the highest-rated and most popular 2020 baseball bat models. BatSmash even weeds out fake or shady online reviews. This aligns with our goal to legitimately find the best baseball bats on the market.

A Unique Baseball Bat Rating System – the SmashScore dives deep into what matters. Is it balanced, or an end-loaded bat? Does it have a big sweet spot? Is it durable? How is the grip? Can I hit HOME RUNS?

Discover the best bats from this year, reviewed and rated by SmashScore (a exclusive bat rating system) including:

*BBCOR (the best high school baseball bats)
*USSSA (the best 14U and below baseball bats)
*USA (the best Little League baseball bats)
*ASA (the Slow-pitch softball bats)
and much, much more.

full best 2020 baseball bat reviews coming soon!